You may have heard the term ‘structural engineer’ before but not really known exactly what it covers. It does have the potential to have a fairly wide definition, after all. However, when it comes down to it, a structural engineer East London is someone who you may well need to contact for help and advice.

Most structural engineers will be working as consultants to architects, for example, or design and build contractors. It’s the structural engineer’s task to look at the plans that have been drawn up for a building and calculate the loads that might have to be safeguarded against (this could be snow, wind, perhaps even earthquakes). Once the figures are known, the structural engineer’s expertise will lead him or her to be able to choose the best structural system to use for the build.

So you might be asking what a structural system is… A structural system could be masonry, steel, concrete, wood, or other materials that beams and columns – and other structural supports – can be made from. Basically, a structural engineer London will read the building that is being designed and then create a skeleton to hold the elegant façade. They might also be involved in dismantling a building in order to repair it (or, more rarely, permanently) and they inspect buildings for damage after major events, and ensure that building are properly constructed.

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