Property Surveyors London

Property surveyors London do many and varied tasks revolving around property and construction so it could well be that you will need one in the future – if you are planning on buying or selling a home, renting one out, or taking a lease on a commercial property, for example (amongst many other things) a property surveyor will certainly be useful.

When you are buying a property, property surveyors London can check to see if your deed is accurate and shows the property and all its land correctly. They will also be able to tell you whether anyone else is entitled to use part of your land as a right of way, or easements for utilities. You will also be able to discover whose responsibility the fences, gates, walkways, driveways and so on are. Similarly, when you are selling a property you will be able to make sure that you are selling everything that belongs to you, and not accidentally including someone else’s land in the sale. These mistakes do happen, and it is best to use a qualified property surveyor to ensure that everything is accurate.

Property surveyors London can also be useful when you want to obtain a new mortgage to refinance the property or another venture. Although it may seem strange to need a report such as a property surveyor can offer you when you already have a mortgage on a property, possibly even with the same lender, it will be necessary. Anything could have changed in the time between taking the initial mortgage and choosing to remortgage the property – you may have had an extension, for example, or subdivided the property into flats. A new report is essential if you want to borrow against the building.

As you can see, a property surveyor can do a lot for you, and can ensure that any reports and boundaries are properly described. They can also step in should there be any disputes regarding boundaries or planning. If you feel that a property surveyor is who you need for your property then don’t hesitate to contact Alexander Surveying Service on 020 8524 2228 or email info@alexandersurveyingservice.co.uk to find out more.

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