Schedule of Condition

Schedule of Condition

What are the benefits of having a schedule of condition? Well firstly, it’s important to know what a schedule of condition is and why you might need one. A schedule of condition is a record of what the property you have bought looked like at the time of the purchase, or what a rental looked like at the time you took over the lease.

Now that we know what a schedule of condition is, what are the benefits of having one?

Firstly, a schedule of condition is of use to you if you’re taking over a lease and you want to negotiate the terms. This document is your proof that things are as you say they are, and that can really help with negotiations whether you want your landlord to make repairs or you want to pay less rent, for example.

They are also useful if you want to leave a lease early. If the property was not in perfect condition when you started to use it, there may be a way or leaving the lease, and the schedule of condition will show this.

Whether you think you might need one of these documents or not, it’s a good idea to have one ‘just in case’. No one knows what the future will bring and a good relationship can become a bad one between tenant and landlord quickly. Having the security of a schedule of condition will give you peace of mind.

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