Schedule of Condition Survey

Schedule of Condition Survey

When it comes to party walls, a schedule of condition survey is a useful document to have. The Party Wall etc Act 1996 enables the adjoining owner to claim back any losses they may have incurred if works need to be done to their neighbour’s property but their property had to be accessed in order to do it.

The schedule of condition survey is the evidence that is needed in order to assist with the adjoining owner’s claim and prevent any false claims from the building owner. This document, therefore, is something that can help both sides, ensuring that everything is put right should anything go wrong, and making the work a much quicker, easier job in the first place.

The schedule of condition survey is not mandatory, and no one would insist on their being one in place before any works were carried out. However, this kind of additional help can be useful considering that mistakes can happen, and without it they could be costly.

The process involves having photographs taken, and in some cases high quality video. A survey is also carried out detailing any damage that already existed, for example. This information is collated into a file that becomes the schedule of condition survey. The photographs are particularly important because they are objective and cannot be disputed. Having this document provides peace of mind for everyone involved in the repairs that are required, and means that work can go ahead without any worry for either party.

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