One of the best ways to find a good building surveyor London is to look at independent companies who have no vested interest in the property and who will write you an unbiased, accurate report. This kind of reporting can save you a lot of money and will almost guarantee that you will have some kind of negotiating power should something untoward be found.

Although you will already be having a mortgage valuation carried out and a building surveyor London can seem like too much of an additional cost, this kind of report will delve much deeper into the property and give you more details about the building you are buying, whether that is to live in or for business purposes. When you have a report as detailed as a building survey needs to be, you will see any flaws within the structure of the building highlighted, and this gives you an opportunity to find out more.

For example, you will want to know how much the repairs are going to take and whether your budget is going to cover them. If you are buying the property as an investment you will need to calculate whether you can still make any profit if you need to spend a lot on repairs.

You can’t simply rely on a mortgage valuation to get this information. A mortgage valuation will tell your lender whether the house is worth the money you have asked to borrow in order to buy it, and it will be a brief report. A qualified, professional chartered building surveyor London will have more knowledge, expert equipment, and expertise, giving you a much more detailed and useful report.

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